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The Sustainable Department Store

Here at Smith and Halls London we aim to be the sustainable outlet for all your interior needs. 

Bringing together ethically sourced vintage and mid century items, offering repair services and combining new, sustainable and handmade products. 

We are the environmentally focused department store dedicated to improving how we buy.


We source quality vintage and mid century items destined for homes around the country. 

Our emphasis is fulfilling the interior needs of our clients whilst focusing on the sustainable and eco-friendly aspect of reusing products. 


Understanding the impact of the production of new furniture we aim to offer our services of repair to lengthen the usability and life of second-hand, vintage and mid century items. 


Appreciating the fact that new products are inevitable and necessary in most homes, we offer items that are either sustainable, handmade or completely made from recycled materials. 

Our goal is to help create modern homes that reflect the changing ecological landscape and appreciate our impact on climate change.

Check out our Blog...

Check out our Blog...

The humble ramblings of design lovers, sustainability and all the things we love.


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